The Tongue – Surrender To Victory


It’s going to be a good year for local hip-hop. Spit Syndicate just dropped Sunday Gentlemen, there’s an upcoming Horrorshow album, and projects from Thundamentals, Pez, Bliss N Eso, Vegas Aces, Jimblah, Horrorshow, Sky High, Chasm, Pegz and Hilltop Hoods are slated for release. Today, Sydney’s very own The Tongue released his latest album, Surrender To Victory. Read on for a review and to check out the video for lead single, Drums along with some cuts from the album.

First things first. The Tongue is as underrated as can be. After initial hype when he dropped Shock and Awe, things died down a little. Alternative Energy was a criminally slept-upon follow-up, with tracks like The Show still sounding like they could have just got released. After The Sextape mixtape and a bunch of touring, we’ve got hold of Surrender To Victory, and I’m hoping this one gets The Tongue’s name out there, big time.

The Elefant Traks promo describes The Tongue best,

He is widely regarded as one of the country’s most imaginative MCs—with a natural charisma that sets him apart from the horde of anonymous rappers vying for your attention.

It’s his natural charisma that shines through on Surrender To Victory, as on tracks like Rhymin, we get The Tongue straight spitting bars, with wordplay and puns for days. The dude kills the beat (which reminds me of Red Hot by Jurassic 5, must be that bass), so much so there’s “no hook, no gimmick, no chorus” just TT rocking verses.

The decision to recruit Cam Bluff to handle production on the whole album is a masterstroke, as the dude just creates banger after banger. It also lends a consistency and clear sense of theme throughout the album that can only be a positive thing. The Tongue acknowledges his production chops on Drums, which basically acts as a huge big-up and showcase for Bluff’s skills on the boards.

Of course, the album features an ensemble cast of local talent including: Suffa, Illy, Thundamentals, Ellesquire, Spit Syndicate, Sky’high, Jimblah, Joyride, Ngaiire and Tom Scott, who aid The Tongue and Bluff to showcase their achievements.

Honestly, Surrender To Victory is best described as a celebration, with tracks like Champion Sound, Moments Like This, Top Score and Just You Wait pouring with positivity and good vibes.

It’s this overwhelming assault of euphoria that blasts from the album which makes it impossible to do anything but surrender any negativity, put your hands in the air and love life.

Grab on iTunes, or from the Elefant Traks store (recommended), and check out the video for Drums below.

If you’re interested, check out an interview The Tongue did recently over on, or watch a series of videos where The Tongue talks about the concepts of each track.



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